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Khan’s Bargains Revelation (Neon Fruit Supermarket)



“Who killed the pork chops? What price bananas? Are you my Angel?”


(Allen Ginsberg - A Supermarket in California)



Suspended lengths of bright vinyl tablecloth fabric, sourced from the Khan’s Bargain’s household store in Blake’s own Peckham Rye are carefully cut and folded to reveal bright, printed illuminations on their underside. Suspension from clothes hangers suggests human personae, selves, angels, options and alternatives.

This combination of everyday, mass-produced material with crafted intervention links artist Lucy Renton’s interest in domestic interiors as a source of artistic enquiry with Blake’s passionate concern for visionary experience as something present in the everyday, accessible to anyone using their imagination as a tool of enlightened understanding, just like Ginsberg’s Whitman-inspired queer eye on nocturnal Californian retail.


Lucy Renton August 2017

Dandelion Visions  curated by Mikey B Georgeson

as part of Blakefest 2017

Screenprint on vinyl coated fabrics and coat hanger

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